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One application for all your business needs!

DataDia is one of the few in its branch that offers a complete package. It combines e-commerce, web shop, web content management, CRM, ERP, and trade search engine into one application. The system requires no additional software: all you need is a web browser. All data is stored on a web server, which makes it accessible to anyone you authorize from all over the world.

Perfectly safe!

Only the people who are given access privileges by the administrator(s) can access the database. This way you can protect your data from unauthorized employees or customers. Also, thieves can’t steel it, a fire can’t destroy it and a power cut can’t damage it, all because the data isn’t stored on your local hard disc but on permanently monitored web servers.

Economies of scale/scope!

The application also offers economies of scale. All the features are offered by one provider, which lowers the implementation costs. Neither is there need for additional service contract, because the updates are made automatically, so no maintenance is necessary.

Multiple language features

The database can be edited in any language. For larger groups field descriptions can be customised. DataDia can be integrated in any other website in any language.

Ultimate tool!

DataDia is the ultimate tool for professional and occasional web designers. It allows them to create their own dynamic web pages based on the DataDia XML-interfaces. One application can provide data for several independent web sites.

How Much will DataDia Cost You?

For the cost of regular hosting services you can have a complete integrated management system. There is no limit on the number of users. You will only have extra charges if you don't use our general help files but prefer individual support instead.

So the price depends on the disk space you use and the traffic you generate on our server. DataDia will charge extra fees from the moment you exceed our maximum volumes.

Thus, the cost of DataDia depends on the success of your site.