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Since 1990, IdBased has been involved in the development of online business management systems. For example, IdBased developed the enterprise resource system DataDia that is intended for use in various sectors. Via DataDia, all data from the order through production to distribution via omni-channel is brought to the final consumer.

Online Business Management

Manufacturer, wholesaler or retailer, ... thanks to DataDia you are able to

Manage your business online from anywhere with everybody for anybody:

  • Book orders and extract reports from salesmen
  • Check the inventory and follow up production
  • Book cash transactions and mail your payment exhortations
  • Add, price and organise new products into your own categories and print catalogues
  • Publish or protect your data from your public pages, ...
  • Organise your own access levels for different privilige groups like customers, staff,...
  • And much more ...

All you need is a simple web browser. No need to buy several licencies for expensive programs.

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Online Directories - E-Shops

Make your own directories for your clients or members who can list themselves on your DataDia Webdirectory. Thanks to the international trade search engine they will benefit from a wide array of options such as:

  • Managing Picture Catalogue Upload pictures with description of products. Add order quantity and price, group products into different product lines
  • Managing Accounts Upgrade, edit login and contact information, edit profile through account
  • Managing Contacts Save and manage contacts with personal address books
  • Posting of Trade Leads Manage and post trade leads with pictures using trade leads management tools

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Web Content Management

Occasional web designer, smaller organisation or modern housewife, ... the DataDia user interface allows anyone to build and maintain a dynamic website:

  • Create texts, insert images and multimedia files, schedule contents (and much more)
  • Supports all major browsers. Edit anywhere, anytime.
  • Configurable access restrictions
  • Consistency of design is preserved
  • Menus are automatically generated based on the database content and are automatically linked with other modules
  • Content publication can often be time-controlled, hidden for previews or require user login with password protection
  • A shopping cart or a search engine is automatically integrated in DataDia
  • Module extensions are possible: forums, polls, news management are typicall modules which can easily be integrated into your DataDia application.

And many more ...

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Costumer or Member Relationship Management

Sportsclub, School, or any other organisation, let your members do the work. With DataDia you can:

  • have one central administration, accessible for all members.
  • Create your own member groups and limit their access by setting priviliges for each member, group or record.
  • Link documents, images, movies or any other media … to contacts.
  • Add meetings, phonecalls, payment requests ,... to a contact
  • Set contact relations

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Solutions for Web Designers

Web designers can concentrate on their core business using the DataDia application.

  • Create your own dynamic pages using the DataDia XML-interfaces .
  • Use the DataDia Query Builder .
  • Create your own customised reports .
  • One application can provide data for several independent web sites just by organising groups and privileges for products and contacts.

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IdBased provides fast and reliable high performance web hosting and e-mail services for businesses and organisations.

  • We are committed to providing prompt, knowledgeable, thorough and friendly support to our customers.
  • We offer high uptime, It is our goal to provide the quality service that you and your business can rely on.
  • We provide free anti virus scanning over your emails to intercept and stop viruses before it reaches your inbox.
  • We have a free anti spam feature to help you take control over your junk emails.

Hosting with IdBased just works! Reliable, extreme low down-time and fast! Please contact us for more information: [](mailto: